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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is the means by which information is encrypted for safe transmission over the internet. The most common use for SSL is to encrypt credit card information for electronic commerce transactions. Information that is sent across the internet can be intercepted by malicious parties. However, if that information has been encrypted using SSL, the information will be safe.

In order to enable SSL for your web site, you must first turn it on in your control panel. Then, your SSL web address will be https://secure.microbyte.net/YourDomain. Notice the letter s in https? Generally there are only specific sections of your site that are protected by SSL.

  • Example: If your domain address is www.mysite.com and you had a web page file called info.html, you would put a link on one of your standard, non SSL web pages with the link: https://secure.microbyte.net/mysite/info.html.

You will notice that when you access a page via SSL, your browser will show some indication that SSL is enabled (a key or a lock icon). This means that the browser and the web server have an encrypted link.

Important Notes:

  1. SSL is already automatically enabled for your Infinities Online shopping system through a separate SSL configuration. Generally speaking, the only time you will need to enable SSL is if you are creating your own custom store. You shouldn't enable SSL unless you will be using it.
  2. Remember, because of the increased load on the SSL server, extra bandwidth charges are higher for SSL traffic than standard traffic. Only use SSL for pages where sensitive information is being transferred.