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Spam fighting Features available in our email servers

Contents Filtering

This feature gives our email servers the ability to specify a word or phrase that we want to detect within the header or message body. We can also specify file extensions to block and the option to send an automated message back to the offending from address.

Benefit: Blocks email containing profanity or unwanted file attachments.

Open Relay Filtering

This feature gives the power to check connecting IP addresses against open relay/spam databases on the internet. This is used to greatly reduce the amount of inbound spam.

Benefit: Stops the spam from known open relays.

IP Address Verification

This feature can be used as a means of tracking suspicious activity on our email servers. The server can be set up in such a way, so that if an IP address does not reverse at all, then the server will not accept delivery from the remote system.

Benefit: Lets you know who has been on your server and allows you to deny access to unidentifiable IP's.

MAIL FROM Validator

Performs DNS lookup on domains used in the Mail From: command. If the domain does not exist then the server can be configured to reject the email. If the domain does exist and the connecting IP address does not correlate with any of the IP addresses found in the DNS lookup, the transaction will continue but this information can be used when auditing the logs to track suspicious activity.

Benefit: Simplified spam tracking and blocking.


A new feature, our email servers can scan for unsuccessful attempts of outside users trying to send to non-existing users on your server. We can configure our email servers to specify the number of failed attempts before the offending IP address is disconnected during that session.

Benefit: Stop spammers from harvesting email addresses on your server.



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