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Unlike some ecommerce hosting solutions which requires you to buy the software and then pay for hosting, Infinities offers premium reliable web hosting as part of the ecommerce hosting Plan and no software purchase is required From $25.00/mo.
Free Setup - no contract Yes
No Transaction Fee
Infinities (Unlike Yahoo and other e-commerce solutions) does not charge any per transaction fee (percent of your sale)
Order Processing
Accept credit card Payment online (Merchant account required)
Also supports PayPal,  PayPal Pro or any merchant account of your choice
Shopping Cart and efficient checkout process Yes
Tax Tables for automatic calculation in checkout Yes
Automated order email confirmations and status update email
Once an order is placed you will receive an email notification and the customer will get an email receipt as well. All orders are stored in a database that you can access from the control panel. The shopping cart will keep track of all the orders and customer info.
Works with major merchant accounts
Infinities ecommerce hosting plan works with all Merchant Accounts gateways but is pre-configured to work with the following gateways:
  • PayPal Pro Shopping Cart integration
  • Authorize Net Merchant Gateway
  • CardFusion Merchant Gateway
  • iTransact Merchant Gateway
  • PayFlow Link Merchant Gateway
  • PayFlow Pro Merchant Gateway

Your Merchant gateway is not on the list? no problem. Infinities will integrate it for you at no cost.

Shipping Tools
Flexible shipping methods and rate calculations
Shipping fees are calculated in real time based on your zip code, the zip code of the customer, and the total weight of the ordered merchandize. Supported shippers are UPS, United States Postal Service and FedEx. Real time shipping calculation based on zip code an weight.

Other options include setting a custom shipping schedule based on weight or total order value.

Optional Handling fee (Percent of shipping) Yes
Drop Shipping Option
Specify a drop shipper to cut down on shipping costs. For example: You have a store in New York and an order comes from California. if you have a warehouse in Texas then it is considered a drop shipper location and an email will be sent to the Texas warehouse to ship instead of shipping from new York thus helping you in cutting down on your shipping cost.
Tax Tools
Set tax rate table by State or Country  
Product Catalog and Inventory Management
Easy Store Manager (Browser based Admin)
No need to learn HTML. No need for any Shopping cart Software purchase or installation. Your online store is fully administrable from the control panel. Add, Update, and delete items and images in real time thru your secure password protected admin area.
It also allows you to add your own pages
Merchandise Upload
Our ecommerce solution has no limit on the number of items you can add to the Shopping Cart. Everything is stored in a MySQL database for security and fast access/ delivery to the customers.
Attributes support (color, size, etc.) see example
The Shopping Cart features a drop down attribute menu of your choice. You can set it to display desired size (S, M, L, XL) , Colors (white, black, blue,...) or any other attribute that applies to your business.
Price by Type
Let's say that you want to sell a t-shirt for $10 but for the xx large you want to charge $12. instead of creating multiple items you can design a pull down menu with different sizes and for each size different price
Automatic thumbnail Generator
Our Shopping cart has an automatic thumbnail generator so you can concentrate on running your business and cut down on page download time.
The thumbnail is automatically generated when you upload the full image via the control panel.
When a customer clicks on a thumbnail a full image will show along with detailed description.
Inventory Tracking
Receive inventory alerts if quantity drops to zero.
Your Online Store can optionally keep track of the quantity left of each item you sell in order to control inventory. You have the option of not displaying an item if it is sold out or sell it even if it is out of stock.  An email will be sent to the store administrator informing them that an item is sold out and it is out of stock.
Categories and multiple sub categories support see example
Organize your online store items in categories and subcategories for easy access and navigation. Add unlimited categories and subcategories from within the control panel.
List item in multiple categories Yes
Related items engine see example
Very useful feature that automatically displays related items when viewing an item. For example if you are browsing a camera then the shopping cart will automatically display suggested related items on the side such as film, camera case, tripod, etc..
List item in multiple categories Yes
Popular items List
Our ecommerce shopping cart solution will display the 10 ten most sold items on the storefront. This option can be turned on/off from the control panel.
Items on Sale List see example
A quick link on the ecommerce navigation bar will display all items on sale.
Supports selling downloadable software or files
software or file can be downloaded from a secure area once credit card transaction is accepted.
Email item link to a friend while browsing Yes
Featured items see example
Allows you to change the items displayed on the storefront from time to time
Coupon Manager/Gift Certificate
Preferred customers may be supplied with a coupon code so they can get a discount on their next purchase. The discount rate is set by the store owner based on the coupon/certificate number. coupon can be set as a percent or as a set dollar amount
Affiliate revenue sharing programs
Assign a code for each affiliate of yours and track how many business referrals you are getting from their site. You can specify an affiliate commission fee based on a percentage of the business they are referring to your site. The affiliate section will track actual sales and not visits only.
Newsletter subscription and Management
Send all your customers a periodic newsletter with specials, discounts, promotions. All customers emails are stored and the newsletter can be easily composed and sent with a push of a button. It can even send emails to customers who purchased a certain item.
Sales reports and graphs (items sold, orders, revenue, etc.)
Track Sales by item, sales for a specific period, affiliate reports, and much more. Reports can be both text and graphics for easy interpretation. Check how your business is growing. The Shopping Cart provides you with a lot of useful reports.
Store customer info for fast checkout
Your customers can register for a user name and password enabling them to login the next time they purchase something. This will cut down on the time they have to spent entering there data (address, phone,..) as all of it will be stored in the database for fast access later.
Quantity Discounts Yes
Wholesale shopping Cart Hosting Solution
Wholesalers can get a different price than the public by logging in with a username and password assigned by store administrator
Built-in search engine
Customers can find a certain product much faster by typing in a keyword in the search box.
 Support for iphone mobile commerce
Infinities shopping cart is compatible with the iphone 
Personalized Domain Name
Domain name registration Yes
Domain locking to help prevent unauthorized transfers Yes
Customer Support
Toll-free phone support Yes
Online Chat Yes
Priority email and online help Yes
Web Site Management
Premium Web Hosting
All features of the premium web hosting plan are included in the ecommerce hosting solution.
Disk space for storing files 75 GB
Data transfer (bandwidth)/month  500 GB
Web Site Design
Easy-to-use customizable template for online store
We give you access to the shopping cart code to modify as you need. The code is written in ColdFusion but the html portion of it can be easily modified with any html editor.
Shopping cart integration with existing web site theme
Customizable Site Font, Background, Logo, borders, colors, tables, shipping and return policy statements, etc..
If you prefer we can also provide you with a script to link to your BUY NOW buttons.
Support for Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, FTP, etc.. Yes
Perl, PHP, and MySQL, for building interactive sites Yes
Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart
All items in your online store will be included in a site map with static pages thus increasing your ranking in search engines and giving you advantage over the competition.
Infinities Business Mail accounts Unlimited
POP and SMTP email access Yes
Spam &  junk email protection Yes
Norton AntiVirus screening and cleaning Yes
Webmail Interface
Check your email from any browser, anytime, anywhere
Site Security
Regular web site backups and quick restores Yes
SSL security for all transactions, order processing, and shopping cart pages
Customers will have the piece of mind of knowing that the entire transaction is done in a secure manner with high encryption.
24x7 advanced monitoring Yes


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