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  Ecommerce Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Infinities different than other "Shopping Cart Software" on the web?

Infinities has been a leader in the commerce industry since 1997. Our customer support is second to none in the industry with our focus set on helping the customer in every step of the way into ecommerce success. Our customer care department will work with you in establishing every single aspect of your online business from setting a domain or SSL to merchant accounts and custom programming.

While basic shopping carts only allow you to add a buy button to a product list, Infinities Ecommerce Software provides all of the tools necessary for professional online sales.

To sell profitably online you need to maintain control over every aspect of your e-business: invoice management, customer relations, newsletter management, promotional management, sales reports and product management. Click here for full list of features.


Do I need a Merchant Account to use Infinities?

You do not need a merchant account to use the Infinities Storefront ecommerce software system but it is recommended.
You have some options when it comes to processing orders:

1- If you have a physical store in addition to the online store then you can process credit card orders manually after retrieving them from your site. This is equivalent to somebody stopping by your store and buying something with a credit card.

 2- Real time processing where you have to establish a merchant account thru your local bank and tie it to Authorize Net, Paypal Pro or any merchant provider of your choice (see complete list below). This option is requires a setup fee plus a monthly fee and a percentage.
To find out more check click here
3- You can use you Pay Pal account to accept payments .

Infinities Storefront is fully interfaced with Pay Pal, authorize.net, and over a dozen other payment options.

If you wish to accept credit cards you need a merchant account. It is a good idea to accept credit cards since 85% of all online purchases are made with CC's! Infinities Storefront is compatible with all of the major and reputable merchant account providers. Infinities Storefront can provide you with your own merchant account.  Click here for more info.


Who hosts my estore?

Infinities offers extremely reliable e-commerce hosting services. If hosted with Infinities, you store will be hosted on one of our dedicated E-Commerce Hosting servers. We are not a reseller. We do have our own data center in South Carolina, USA


What are the steps to start selling online?

There are nine easy steps to selling online. Click here for more. If you have questions not covered in this FAQ, contact our knowledgeable sales staff at 800.495.4048 extension 3.


What are the signup fees for the monthly plan?

There are no fixed term contracts! No setup fee and! Infinities Storefront offers a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.


What type of security does Infinities provide for online transactions?

You have the choice of using the Infinities SSL certificate (we provide 128 bit Secure Socket Layer protection free of charge). You may also purchase your own SSL security certificate for $28 per year. Infinities also can help you in being PCI compliant.


How long does it take to setup my store?

Hosting accounts are set the same day you sign up. Populating your store depends on the number of products you feature in your store and the complexity of your product line. Some Infinities Storefront clients have only a handful of products while others feature over 8,000. It will take approximately one hour to add a few products to the system and to familiarize yourself with the shopping cart program. General product entry will take approximately one minute per product.

If you have a list of your products in a spreadsheet or database format then Infinities will populate your site free of charge.


Will I need to contact Infinities to make changes to my store?

Infinities provide the flexibility to make changes to every aspect of your store including colors, fonts, prices, products, categories, shipping methods, logos, discounts, graphics, payment types, product descriptions and much, much more. All modifications can be made from your back office control panel from any computer connected to the Internet!
We also give you access to the storefront web pages so you can make additional changes if you wish.

Custom programming is also available at the rate of $79/hour in case you need some advanced additions .


Does Infinities Storefront have a Reseller Program?

You bet! Click here for details.


How will Internet Shoppers find my store?

You must have plans to market your site if you plan on generating online sales!

Search engine submittal, pay-per-click search engines, newsgroups and newsletters are all a part of the mix with successful e-business.

"If I build it, they will come" is a common Internet fallacy! Click here for some web site promotion resources


Does Infinities require me to sign a fixed term contract?

There are NO fixed term contracts. If you are ever unsatisfied with our ecommerce software or service you can discontinue anytime. Be weary of firms that require you to sign a fixed term contract and always read the fine print!


Can I customize my store?

Absolutely! In your admin area you can modify everything from layout and site colors, to fonts, and button sets Infinities enables you to add, edit and delete products at will.

Infinities Storefront is compatible with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Adobe Go Live and Flash.


Do I need to know HTML to create my Store?

HTML knowledge is not required to use the Infinities Storefront system. You do not need to understand HTML or other programming languages to build or maintain your store. If you understand these languages and programs, HTML and Flash can be used effectively within the online store to enhance the "look and feel".


How do I setup my Web Store?

After signup, you will receive an e-mail detailing how to begin building your online store. You will also be provided a link to Infinities Storefront manual that will explain each feature in detail. The email also provides our toll free support line and email addresses to support.


What makes Infinities different from the hundreds of other E-commerce software providers?

The difference between Infinities and most other providers is clear: Infinities Storefront is an e-commerce company specializing in e-commerce software development and E-Commerce Hosting.

Most "shopping cart companies" are hosting companies that "resell" e-commerce software.

The Infinities Storefront advantage:

  • Toll FREE/email/chat tech support services

  • Free software upgrades for as long as you use the store

  • Direct support phone numbers

  • Advanced and ever-improving technology

  • FREE SSL security

  • Sidebar shopping cart

  • Real-time USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL

  • Money back guarantee


How flexible is Infinities? Can it be used with an existing web site?

Infinities can be seamlessly integrated into an existing web site. Adding e-commerce to an existing site has never been easier. Simply add a "Shop Now" link! You may also link products from your current site to the proper location within the store.

Infinities Storefront is web based, you may control your site from any computer connected to the Internet.


Can the Infinities system be used as a standalone web site?

Infinities is incredibly effective when used as a stand-alone site. Infinities Storefront contains a custom page creator that allows users to add custom information pages to your Infinities Storefront store.


Why does Infinities shopping cart convert more sales?

You will make more sales using the Infinities Storefront system. The unique Infinities Storefront navigation layout reduces the number of clicks required by your customers to reach their desired product destinations. This is important because studies have shown if users can't find what they are looking for (in 12-15 seconds or 3 or less clicks)...they click to the next site in the search engine.

Also, the Infinities Storefront system comes equipped with a 100% viewable, "real-time" sidebar-shopping cart. While most e-commerce softwares take customers to a separate page to view contents added to the cart, the Infinities Storefront system enables customers to add, edit and delete products (from the shopping cart) from every page within the store.


Do I need any other tools to get started?

The Infinities storebuilder is self-contained and is controlled by you from a web-based control panel. You have the ability to control your e-business from any computer connected to the Internet. There is nothing to install on your computer. No plug-ins or downloads are necessary. Infinities Storefront is compatible with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Flash and Adobe GoLive. These applications are not required to use Infinities.


Is there a limit to the number of products I can sell with the Infinities Storefront System?

There is no limit to the number of products you can sell. Some clients sell one product while others sell more than 70,000. Infinities offers a free initial product upload.


What are the costs?

Infinities Storefront offers several affordable plans to accommodate any size business. Our basic monthly plan starts at $25. This plan provides the online store builder, TOLL FREE tech support, SSL security, reliable e-commerce Hosting, and all future upgrades to the software.

You can also save money by signing up for the quarterly or yearly plan.


May I have my own domain name?

Your store belongs to you and will feature your products exclusively. Your store WILL be on your own domain www.yourdomain.com.

Your store will NOT be an extension of the Infinities.com domain.


How am I notified of new orders?

For every order, the Infinities Storefront system sends a "new order" notification e-mail. From there, you may log into your site and print order invoices. Orders and customer information is data based in your admin panel so you can search for past orders by last name, order number, e-mail address, and many other criteria.


Can my orders be sent directly to my dropshippers?

YES! Infinities has full dropship integration. Products are associated with a particular dropshipper. Each order will be sent to the proper dropshipper for fulfillment.


Does Infinities offer web design services, logo creation, and custom programming?

Yes, Infinities maintains a professional design staff to fulfill all web site design and logo creation needs:

Infinities Storefront also has a custom programming staff who will build custom features unique to your online business. E-mail or call 800.495.4048  extension 3 to discuss your web design and programming needs.


Can customers log into the site to view the status of an order?

Infinities Shopping Cart has a built in feature that allows customers to log into your site to view the status of an order.

This feature significantly reduces call volume and enhances customer support. These features can be turned off if you do not wish to use them.



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