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  Secure File Transfer and Sharing - Upload Management

Share Important Business Files Securely & Professionally

managed file transfer''Our secure file transfer solution allows you to create a custom-branded, password-protected area where you can exchange business files with clients easily, securely, and professionally.

Whether you deal with files that are simply too large to transfer by email, need secure file transfer, or just need a collaboration space where project-related files can be posted, Infinities can provide a solution for you.''

Sign up for a free trial of our Secure File Transfer Solution and find out how consultants, architects, accountants, graphic designers, lawyers,  hospitals, and companies have saved time and money with our business file transfer solutions!

Key Benefits

  • Insures end-to-end file transfer security

  • Enables transfer of large files

  • Eliminates FTP security and support issues (no ftp client is needed)

  • addresses email attachment size

  • reduces email storage requirements

  • provides easy account management

  • automates file life cycle management

How does it work?

  1. Easily send your large file by uploading it through a web browser.

  2. We store your file securely and email your recipient a link to click on and download the file.

  3. Your recipient receives the email notification, clicks on the link in the email and downloads the file.


  1. Upload and download in https mode (contents are encrypted during the process)

  2. Require a password and/or a Captcha to download  contents

  3. Ability to set an expiration date for the downloads.



file transfer screenshot


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