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Add value to your existing client base.
     Resell Infinities preferred Web solutions!

Make money. It's simple.

How does the Reseller Program work?  
To get started, all you need to do is purchase your Infinities master account at regular price.  Once you have purchased your master account, you can begin to purchase hosting packages at a discounted price.*

Resellers are charged Infinities' retail account set-up and recurring monthly fees for each of their resold accounts, less their applicable discount. Your discount will be based on the total number of active resold accounts that you have, as per the following table.

Number of Resold Accounts     Discount Rate*    
3 - 6 20%
7 - 10 25%
11 - 20 40%
21 plus 50%

* Your discount applies to our shared hosting accounts. Domain parking do not contribute to your total number of active resold accounts. Options and overages above and beyond the standard monthly package fees are not eligible for Reseller discount. Dedicated and co-located hosting solutions are not included. However, if you are interested in making money by referring customers to our dedicated and co-located hosting solutions, we encourage you to join our Referral Program. For more information on our Referral Program, please contact Infinities Sales at 1-803-750-7576.

As a Reseller, can add value to your current offerings by incorporating Infinities's preferred web solutions. You have the freedom to sell our hosting services however you see fit, whether it is in a bundled package, or on their own. The best part is, you determine the price that you are going to charge!

To become a Infinities Reseller, just use the customer number that has been assigned to you at the time of your first sign up and then use it for the rest od your sites. It's easy! Sign up today!

You've Got What It Takes...

You're a whiz at HTML. Graphical design? No problem. You could design a complex Web site in your sleep. But setting up routers, administrating servers, and running data backups? It's not exactly your style. And, thanks to the Infinities Reseller Program, it doesn't have to be!

We've Got What It Takes To Help You Succeed!
Why waste your time doing all the boring back-end stuff when you could be building, designing, and billing your clients? Infinities has all the technical details under control. All that's left for you to do is sign up clients, build their pages, and place them on our servers. Not only do you keep whatever fees you charge your clients for your work, but we'll also cut up to 45% off the price of each virtual server system you resell. By packaging our technology with your talent, you can create and sell a product that is uniquely your own, yet backed up by the best in the industry.
Residual Income
It's the kind of work that keeps paying you month after month.
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